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"Scientific management, reasonable planning, save space" is our management tenet, our goal is to provide the most economic and optimal solution for customer's industry and office storage.


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  • Leave Plan

    No production will be arranged during the New Year period, and orders placed after January 1 will be scheduled for March. Please understand if there i

  • Happy New Year

    happy New Year Sanlian shelf hopes that everyone will be happy for the new year, and that everything will be done well, everything will go smoothly,

  • Rack Knowledge 4-shuttle Racking

    Shuttle racking The shuttle racking system is a high-density storage system consisting of shelves, trolleys and forklifts. This efficient storage m

  • Rack Knowledge 3 -drive In Racking

    Through-shelf shelves are also known as corridor-style shelves or drive-in shelves. The through-shelf can be used for forklifts (or unmanned vehicles

  • Rack Knowledge 2 -heavy Duty Racking

    Heavy-duty racking, also known as beam-type shelves, or cargo-type shelves, belong to the tray shelf category, and are the most common type of shelf i

  • Shelf Knowledge (1)

    In the following weeks, we will upload some shelf knowledge on a regular basis.

  • Ongratulations Sanlian Shelf On The Success

    On November 30, 2018, congratulations on the Sanlian shelf foreign trade express on the line

  • Introduction To Industrial Shelves

    Shelf refers to the storage of three-dimensional storage of goods, professional for industrial goods, ports,

  • Application Of Pallet Rack

    Pallet shelves are widely used in manufacturing, third-party logistics and distribution centers and other

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