Rack Knowledge 4-shuttle Racking
Dec 13, 2018

working principle

· Inventory: The forklift truck puts the goods at the forefront of the railing of the shelf.
Introduction principle
Introduction principle
The WAP-1 shuttle operated by radio remote control can carry pallet cargo on the guide rail;
· Pick up: The WAP-1 shuttle moves the pallet deep in the shelf to the front of the shelf, and removes the palletized goods from the shelf with a forklift;
· Mobile WAP-1 shuttle: The shuttle can be placed in different lanes by forklifts, and multiple WAP-1 shuttles can be shared by multiple lanes. The number of WAP-1 shuttles is determined by a combination of roadway depth, total cargo volume, shipment volume, and shipping frequency. The solution for this warehouse consists of trolley pallet racks with a certain number of racks and trolleys. A system consisting of pallet storage, transportation and storage. Space utilization is over 80%!

Racking advantage

The shuttle racking system is a high-density storage system consisting of shelves, trolleys and forklifts. This efficient storage method is to increase the utilization of warehouse space and bring new storage options to customers! Features of the shuttle shelf:
· High-density storage with high warehouse utilization.
· High work efficiency and greatly reduced job waiting time.
· Flexible operation mode, access to goods can be advanced first-in-first-out, or advanced.
· High safety factor, reducing the collision between the shelf and the forklift, and improving safety and productivity.
· The lighting requirements are relatively low, compared to other types of shelves, the overall investment is less.

Scope of application

· A large number of samples: large quantities of food, beverages, chemicals, tobacco, etc.
Relatively single industry
· Cold storage operation: reduce low temperature operation time, improve work efficiency and work safety
· Term management: A warehouse that requires strict first-in, first-out operations.
· Increase storage capacity: storage space is limited, need to maximize the use of space warehouse

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